It may be the only time in her life this young woman will receive to hear the Good News of Jesus.  This was made possible because of the generosity and serious desire from the friends of our ministry to help her go out to those who have never heard.  These opportunities exist every week in the area of the world we labor and for a small gift of $50 or more, you can partner with this faithful sister today.  Consider a one time gift or a monthly donation to be a part of this fruitful service.

You can provide needed funds for a team of 5 – 7 go to unreached villages for up to two weeks. Some of our teams travel into the far mountain regions for up to three weeks going from mountain village to mountain village to bring the Good News. Why not make your gifts count? Give so that those who have never heard might get their chance too!

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Only 6.4% of all Charity Dollars Goes To Missions


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Want to make your donation by mail?  Our ministry mailing address is:

The Transformation Fellowhship, Inc.
P.O. Box 2398
Forest, Virgnia 24551

“The Transformation Fellowship, Inc., is a 501(c )3 organization. Your donation is tax deductible to
the fullest extent allowed by law.”