The Transformation Fellowship is committed to empowering the Body of Christ in the Himalayan Mountain Range of Nepal and India to fight against poverty and social injustice and creatively share the Good News. We will utilize strategies and the best of good stewardship principles in our ministry in order to create the most empowering changes and model integrity in our partnerships. We are committed to identifying the greatest injustices in these areas and will work toward bringing relief to those who live under oppression. Our projects are focused on rural assistance, water provision, poor pastors’ assistance, women empowerment, outreach projects, micro-enterprise, traning, and the sex-trafficking industry.

We find those who are qualified for the work, who are faithful, and we partner in such a way that there is more effectiveness in the ministry. We do not seek our own glory or desire to be known ~ but we want to use every opportunity to share the Glory of Jesus Christ and His story.

Wisdom though experience – The Transformation Fellowship’s fruitful method was envisioned and implemented over thirty-years ago. That’s when we were first able to travel into some of Asia’s most unreached areas with one idea ~ to see if it would be possible to assist indigenous men and women who were already located in the culture and country as a practical way to reach unreached peoples. Guess what?  It was!!  It was a revolutionary idea.

We found out that God had well-equipped men and women in highly strategic areas where our assistance proved to be the missing piece needed to help establish the efforts of those groups for greater and more accountable results. The partnerships proved to be country- changing. The goal has always been fruit that would last for eternity in a culture of service, rather than acting like many patronizing colonial mission groups that had preceded. The organic Body of Christ from every tribe, nation, and tongue and the creative extension of His Kingdom is our ultimate purpose.

Our donors’ gifts count for eternity.   Our resources belong to God. We have taught throughout the years that whether a gift is large or small, it can still have incredible impact in the region where we labor. We have always believed that the right gift, in the right place, to the right person is the best way to serve in our ministry.

The combined populations of Nepal and just two Indian States more than equals the entire population of the United States as detailed below.  The Transformation Fellowship began its work in the South Asian country of Nepal in 1990 and in India since 1988. Much of our work has been concentrated there as a result. Our calling is to the unreached, impoverished, and oppressed within this geographical region.  In that time we’ve been partnering to accomplish some of the following projects:


Bible School Constructions

Livestock and micro-business assistance

Evangelistic Training


Small Business Incubator for women

Widow and Orphan Assistance

Construction of Bible Translation facility (India)


Sewing and Tailoring Courses

Muslim Correspondence Course

Bible and Scripture portion translations ~ Hindu & Muslim


Medical outreach and clinic establishment

Numerous church plants

Sanitation and Water provision

A Proven Ministry ~ Experts in the Effective!

Our Strategy is proven.  For over thirty-years we’ve initiated projects and cultivated relationships with partnering ministries who live and serve in some of the worlds most difficult regions.  They accomplish, with our help, things we could never do alone.  Partnering with the indigenous brothers and sisters should be a common sense decision however the idea is still foreign to many Christians still stuck in the older sending paradigm.

India is one of the most populated countries in the world and one of the most poor. With a population of 1.2 Billion people, India contains the largest amount of unreached people groups in the world (2025 distinct groups). The contrast between poor and rich is stark, and likewise in Nepal, the women and children often suffer most. We currently focus most of our efforts in the Northern part of India but have conducted projects in all but three Indian States.

Our efforts are accountable. When we set up our ministry, we wanted to personalize those who co-labored with us so that it would become more that just a check writing exercise for them.  So many of our supporters know the people they support and have the benefit of being aware of just how their gifts are spent.  Intelligent giving is a mandate at The Transformation Fellowship and making sure your gifts count for eternity is key!

Bearing fruit is something we think of when it comes to trees and bushes.  But as Christians, we know that it was the heart of Jesus who said, “You did not choose Me but I chose you, and appointed you that you would go and bear fruit, and that your fruit would remain,…” Jn. 15:16.  We believe that taking the message of the Good News and touching lives is paramount in the scriptures.  The message resounds in the Old Testament, it was the heart of Jesus, and the Apostle Paul was always going to “regions beyond.”  We do no less!

Do you want to make a difference in the world?  Do you want to know where your gifts are going and what they are accomplishing?  Then The Transformation Fellowship is right for you.  Partner With Us!